You can sign up online using the link attached below. This will create you an account on Wodify under our environment.

Follow these steps to sign up...

  1. Click the link
  2. Select “Dense Protocol”
  3. Sign up for the “Remote Program” under Plans
  4. Fill out all the required information

Navigating WODIFY

  • Download the application from the app store to allow for quick access.
  • Everything should be under the Dense Protocol Location. Do not check in to other location class times.
  • Log your results under the correct location and make sure you check in to class daily. You can look at the scores and compare to the other athletes at other locations.
  • Make sure you notice the RX button feature when logging your results. If not lit up Blue then your workout result will be saved as scaled.
  • You can access all your personal information and update your profile from the desktop or app.
  • Utilize the tracking and projecting features by making sure you update your past performances and PRs
  • Most features are easy to navigate and just take some practice and patience. If unable to figure out an issue that is not described on this site, then just reach out to us through email.


After you finish set up you will have access to all of our Wodify setup.

  1.  Check into class every day and record your results there.
  • Level 1 is for Beginners
  • Level 2 is for Intermediate
  • Level 3 is for Advanced
  • Competition Level is extra work for those interested in competing in the sport of Fitness(separate check-in and results)

Don't worry about our other Locations and class times. Everything you should do is under the Dense Protocol Location


  1. Honest, true, accurate data and consistently inputting results on a daily basis for all work levels.
  2. Execute the plan as recommended. It’s proven to work better that way.
  3. Show no doubt in what you are doing and believe in the process, Trust the work, you bring the effort.
  4. Earn everything, expect nothing. Test your potential

Membership Policy

  • Price - $50 a month – prorated from the time you start during the month.
  • Cancellations requests must be emailed 5 days prior to next billing cycle(1st of the month)
  • Absolutely no refunds. Cancel on time or nothing

If you have questions about navigating the program and you can't figure it out after trying, then email us directly. Read FAQ and Protocol breakdown entirely before asking questions.