+ Do I need to log daily results and scores?

Yes, you are expected to check in and log your daily results

+ What do I do if I don’t have certain equipment or space?

Scale appropriately and find alternatives, if you have a smart question then ask.

+ How many days a week is the program?

It varies by cycle, Most cycles will have 6 days(Mon-Sat).

+ What are the different Levels based on?

Certain Still/Strength/Capacity based criteria will determine what Level you should participate in.

+ Which workouts do I complete each day?

Everything under your class level and anything else that is Not Level specific.

+ What does A) and B) work mean?

It means you should alternate between the 2 movements with a short rest period. This is typically 45-60 sec.

+ What does 1) and 2) mean?

This means you should complete all sets of 1) before moving onto number 2) or 3)

+ What order should I do the work in or should I break it up?

It is preferred that the work be done in the order it is presented. There is a method to the madness.

+ When should I do the Competitive extra work?

Preference is it to be done after the normal daily work or in a separate session later, unless specified.

+ In the Programming what does 'L123' mean?

It means all levels will perform the same movement while following the same instructions.