WARNING, Individual Results may vary

It's that time of year again, Open season is upon us. A new year and season slated with unknown variables. Will there be more new movements, multiple scores weekly, or a heavy barbell? Well, we are going to find out over the course of 5 weeks.

While those questions and a multitude of other variables out of our control won't be answered right now. There are three things you can be certain of...

1.      You are going to get what you deserve. That means the outcome/your weekly result is going to a product of your preparation. We have all been given the same time and opportunity since last year to make changes and improvements. Let see who did their homework. The athlete you are and capabilities you have aren't going to change that much over the next few weeks. Accept where you are at and attack the workouts with a plan knowing your abilities.

2.     It is not going to be fair, and it never will be! Each workout will present challenges and some will favor certain abilities or sizes. At this point I hope you have come to understand this. No amount of complaining will change it, just accept the challenge because you voluntarily signed up for this.

3.     These workouts are supposed to suck, embrace that and give them hell! Dave Castro always talks about how hard this year is going to be and everyone waste all their energy worrying and having anxiety about what's to come. Truth is, almost every workout sucks if you make it. If you go hard enough and pour your blood, sweat, and tears into training on a daily basis it will be easier for you to recover from these weekly workouts.

Enjoy this go around because it only comes once a year and will be over before you know it. It's like what my old College Football Coach use to say every week after our last practice, "The hay is in the barn". Meaning the hard work has already been done and you are as prepared as you can be. So let's all just relax and move forward with a plan every week.