The Final Countdown

17.5 is on the minds of most Crossfitters right now and just like them it's been on my mind also, so let's talk about the small things and dive deep into the big things. And I'll save my prediction for the end.

Small things

Now let me start by stating, the small things matter and need to be done well. They will make a big difference in the workout but it's the big things that will make all the difference in your score.

1. Movements, yes the movements that are announced should be considered a small thing. You should be able to do them with ease so there is no reason to stress. That's what training was for all year, practice the simple and executing very well. Now if you are still worried about one of these movements then you need to address that in your training next year.

2. Time domains, while this will impact the workout significantly based on one’s individual abilities but it won't be the difference between awesome and terrible outcomes.

3. Standards, hopefully these have been practiced and enforced daily. With proper preparation ones score should not suffer.

Big things

Now we are getting to the difference makers, and you where it all matters? Right between your ears.

1. Outlook, No reason to overthink it, you have already done the small things. Now you see why they are important still?

2. Visualize success, this is one of the most underutilized tools, especially in our fitness community. Take 5-10 minutes and just clear one’s mind. Visualize doing UB sets of any movement, see the transitions, look at your equipment set up. Walk through the workout mentally and envision the desired outcome. Don't wait until the workout gets announced. Try it with any workout past or future.

3. Approach, have a game plan, a plan B, and C. Then you still need to know how to scramble. Whatever the workout is approach it with confidence knowing your abilities and the possible outcomes. Don't let the mind be your limiting factor. Never set the bar low, shoot for the stars and let the pieces fall where they may.

4. Fight or flight, at the sound of 3,2,1 GO the workout begins. We are all going to start, but how or you going to finish, and what's going to happen in between? At some point in this workout things are going to get real. That moment you feel like your back is against the ropes and you have to choose to fight your way out or run into the corner and just take the punishment until the judge says time. Choose to fight.

With all that said I'm making some of the statements above based on my prediction. 17.5 is going to be nasty but extraordinarily simple, and hurt a whole lot. Look at the history of the open and you will easily see 1 obvious thing when it comes to the final workout, THRUSTERS. So that's the one everyone knows is coming, no shocker there. Now, what other available movement has been in every single Open? DOUBLE UNDERS, this one is fairly obvious also. A simple couplet will do, but if Dave is looking to spice things up just a little bit and satisfy the need for more gymnastics then I see 2 possible additions. The 1st, Ring Muscle Ups, for the obvious reasons, haven't done them yet and they weren't used last year either. The 2nd option, Handstand Walk, because this would really separate the field. Now I could be completely wrong and way off but my prediction for 17.5 is.....

9 min AMRAP

- 10 Thrusters @95/65

- 30 Double Unders