Photo by Mike Pesh

Photo by Mike Pesh

10 Things You Need to Know About Marco “Fatty” Coppola

1. He likes to eat.

Receiving the nickname “fatty” was no mistake. Marco is Italian, so by nature, the kid loves to eat. I’ve seen him scrape every last morsel off of his plate whether it is a big bowl of greens or a big pizza platter. He’s passionate about his nutrition, and isn’t scared of trying anything new. You also don’t want to go up against him in an eating contest because he WILL win. #allthefood

Check out his macros on myfitnesspal app (CoppolaKilo).

2. He likes to talk…A LOT.

When I mean “a lot” I mean it. He will butcher the English language when using everyday vernacular, he will stutter when he tries to make fun of someone, and he will argue his side of anything until you are blue in the face. Let me give you a helpful hint…it is always best to just nod and say “okay”; however, when it comes to “all” the talk, he does “walk the walk.” He practices what he preaches and continues to put his money where is (big) mouth is.

Watch him in action on Instagram @coppolakilo.

3. His hair is one of his most prized possessions.

His hair, also known as “holy locks”, has been an on-going “thing” since his wedding back in October 2012. (He used to have a buzz cut if you can imagine that!) Since then, he has not cut it (ok…maybe a trim or two), but that is about it. And yes! The big guy gets his hair French-braided and he loves it, and feeds off of the man-bun haters. You quickly learn to just embrace it.

4. His three least favorite sentences are “I don’t care”, “I know,” and “I can’t.”

Whether you are taking his class or simply being a human in everyday life, you will find yourself doing ten burpees if you utter the word “can’t”. (Trust me…he will make you do it no matter where you are.) It goes without saying that the word “can’t” should never be uttered in his presence, but his reasoning behind it is more relative than the actual term. His favorite motto is “complacency breeds mediocrity” and it is something he lives by. The word “can’t” shows a lot about a person’s character, and he wants you to be the best version of yourself with a healthy mindset to back it up. When he is coaching you, you also better care and take the critique without any rebuttal.

5. He’s relentless.

Marco is a pusher. He does not give up, he does not lower his standards, and he does not allow any one person to do anything less than expected. When it comes to accomplishing anything in life, you will learn to do it right and in the most efficient way possible (even if that is the simple task of unloading a barbell). In his words, “my way or the highway”…and yes, his way is always the best choice.

6. His wife, Erin, is a saint and the force behind the meathead’s lifestyle.

I’ve known Erin for a little over four years now, and I have never witnessed someone hold down a home quite like her. Her support for Marco and everything he aspires to be is unwavering. She is known as the “team mom” and everyone looks to her for guidance, support, and words of wisdom…especially when Marco needs to be in a good mood. She also makes the ins and outs of traveling and lodging a breeze, and she is known as a superwoman. Every wife should be #MoreLikeErin.

7. He sets very high standards for everyone around him, including himself.

You would be surprised at how much Marco works on his own personal weaknesses. Whether it is strict muscle ups or any other gymnastic movement, he continues to push himself and set goals to achieve his goats. Recently, #fatty got his strict muscle up so there is hope for the rest of us.

8. He’s a big softy.

Although he has a tough exterior, he does shed a few tears every once in a while. His compassion oozes through him, and he is super passionate about his team, his programming, and his community. He has a big heart and loves the sport and the people doing it with him. On the flipside, while some people may see him yelling at a teammate on the floor, his fuel behind the fire comes from a genuine place. He wants everyone to do his or her best, and when that isn’t executed, he tends to get a little heated.

9. His program works.

I have been doing CrossFit for six years now, and have been through the normal CrossFit classes and more recently finished up with another program of two years. Although I did see some gains with the other program, I have never felt stronger and more well-rounded than how I feel now after doing the Dense Protocol for nine months. I am a remote program member of the gym and even though I (mostly) work out alone, I have seen the most gains with his methodical and calculated programming. The Dense Protocol (quickly) revealed my weaknesses, helped me build confidence in my goats, and continues to progress my strengths. The caliber of the athletes at his gym is also a driving force behind the Dense Protocol. If you truly want to see where you stand against some of the most proficient elitists, you will want to stick around and check out the leaderboard each and every day.

Follow @denseprotocol and @cfovertake for motivation.

10. #TeamDensity

What started off as a funny team name for a local competition back in the day has now turned into a lifestyle. The Dense Life is just what it seems…a regime that forges elite fitness to the max degree. Not only is it the programming and coaching, but it is (more importantly) the community of athletes striving to be better. I always joke that I am “almost dense” (mostly because I am not as good as #teamdensity and always feel like I am playing “catch up”), but in the past year the “almost dense” mentality has actually given me something to strive for. Simply put, being dense is a mindset and an aspiration. Whether you are just starting CrossFit or have been doing it for years and need a new twist on your programming, following the Dense Protocol will be the best choice for you…you will not be disappointed.

And as a bonus, you will become #really #really good at hashtags.

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Welcome to the #densefamily. The Dense are taking over!


~Angela Falcone