The Dense Protocol delivers a new way to get results and excel to the next level of your fitness journey. Passion joined with elite programming separates the Protocol from the rest.

We strive to make this program unique in many ways. One of them in particular is how we want our community to interact with each other. This is not just a free blog with artificial results and a group of athletes with no care for each other. This is a place where we expect you to push each other on a daily basis by posting legit scores and executing the workout precisely and with tremendous effort. By creating this environment, we can all achieve more and you will truly discover what it feels like to be “DENSE”.

The Protocol

We work in cycles just like any well-designed program should. We truly believe that you should have seasonal based training and not just the same general plan all year around. In other words, we put a larger emphasis on certain things at certain points in the year based on what we need to be training for at that given time of year. For instance, during the Cycle that preps us for the CrossFit Open, we will perform slightly heavier amounts of conditioning specific to the kind of workouts and movements you should see in the Open that given year. While also still making sure we maintain our strength and getting better at particular skills. In the other parts of the season the emphasis will change and things will lean towards what needs to be developed more. We will deliver an update as to when new cycles are beginning and the desired outcome/goals. We also truly believe that each individuals nutrition should be tailored for the kind of training we are partaking in. So, therefore you shouldn’t be cutting and performing extra amounts of aerobic conditioning during a heavier strength cycle, you should likely be trying to gain some extra muscle and strength. If you need help tailoring your Nutrition you can click “here” to learn more about Dense Nutrition. Our program is highly detailed and thoroughly thought through.

The difference

It is in the name “PROTOCOL”, how we ask you to execute things on a daily basis is the biggest difference....

1) How We will tell you to execute it in the daily notes for each piece.

2) The progressive template design allows you to get work done quickly and smartly while keeping everything constantly measurable.

3) We have variations for each Class Level based on how advanced an athlete is.

4) Private Facebook group will be added in the future to allow for member interaction and questions to be answered quickly.